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After Sale Services

After Sale Service

Geyikli Grup Property, Solutions Partnership

Geyikli Grup invites you to have the best experience with our “after sale service” moreover without any extra charges!

Once you decide to buy a property through us whether finished or unfinished (ex: unfinished project) we guarenteed that we will be interest all the process and formalities belong to your properties. For example; title deeds procedures for properties, sales or rental to someone else and follow up.

Furniture service : Our after sales team will assist you in furnishing your new flat in Turkey. Since we have sold many properties to international and local clients , our team of experts will help you choosing the furniture, arranging the delivery and receiving them as they were ordered .

In other hand, if you bought an unfinished project, we keep tabs on all the construction process of project and regularly send you updated photos of it.

In brief, we are taking all hard responsibility and be a representative ideally of your proporties in Turkey.

What do you need to do for this separate service ?

1) Contact us for your properties, investments in turkey.

2) Choosing the best properties for you with our professional team and buy it through us.

3) Give us a proxy for to carry out all the operations on your behalf.

Fill out the request form below and we will return you as soon as

Finest selection of apartments for sale in Istanbul with a high standart of quality and an optimum location to fulfill your expectations flawlessly.

Our Services Also Covers:

Real estate sales/rental procedures

Housing,workplace/business, factory, land, warehouse,depot,villa

Expertiz processes

Sales office for established projects (sales & rental)

Land (coverage, projecting)

Construction projecting, financial structure, build and sell, sublet, rough construction affairs

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