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Second Hand for Sale, for Rent

The Only Company That Provides Special Advisory Services to Sellers

Leave the job to our Experts ,

Our online Real Estate Web services, with our modern technology network, sell your flat to market values ​​in the fastest way, in a system that real estate companies never use.

Our result-oriented service approach does not waste your time with the meetings of many companies and people you do not know.

– Save Your Time

– Reduce Your Workload

– Enjoy yourself, because we work for you.



Geyikli Grup Property Real Estate’s technological Web platform gathers all its customers who want to buy or rent a house under one roof. With our advanced Map system, buyers have the opportunity to reach the real estate they want much faster. Thus, real estate will sell and rent quickly.

– Buyer, Investor and Seller Will Reach Easily

– Finds on Map

– Buys or Rents

Geyikli Grup Property is a consultancy and real estate firm for overseas property buyers that offers a wide range of end-to-end services for property selection, purchase, maintenance, rental and resale processes in Turkey.

Geyikli Grup Property team has been carefully selected with their professional experience, multicultural background and customer-oriented skills.

We provide the best and fastest sales and rental service for second-hand properties that you have just bought or purchased as soon as possible. If you want, let us turn your investments into cash at the best price as soon as possible.

Making a profitable investment with its special projects, Geyikli Grup  Property provides support and contribution in both sales and purchasing processes.

Who does not want to make a profitable investment?

Our Services Also Covers:

Real estate sales/rental procedures

Housing,workplace/business, factory, land, warehouse,depot,villa

Expertiz processes

Project established for sales office (sales & rental)

Land (coverage, projecting)

Construction projecting, financial structure, build and sell, sublet, rough construction affairs

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